We provide both consultation and dispute redressal services. In our area of specializations, consultation can be requested either on basis of empanelment or retainer arrangements. The services related to dispute resolution includes litigation and alternate dispute resolution measures.

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Our areas of specialization includes, Law of the Sea and Maritime Law; Contract Laws, Company Laws Taxation, Real Estate; Aviation; Media laws; Foreign Direct investments; Banking, Finance & Securitization Matters, IT Industry (Software and Hardware) implementation and compliance; Competition/Anti-trust Law; Consumer Protection Law; Employment Laws; Information technology; Resorts & Hospitality; Intellectual Property; Professional & Business Services; Health Service Sector; Mergers & Acquisitions, Construction permissions and contracts; Telecom sector, Trust, Sovereign Investments; IPR and the like.

We understand the importance of the value of our clients' time. We believe that "time is money". Disputes may arise, but the apt legal solutions befitting to the client is our aim. We render services of litigation, ADR and post and predispute consultations/negotiations.

While the litigation extends from representation before judicial and quasi-judicial fora; the ADR, an alternative to conventional litigation that consumes time and involves delay due to technicalities and processes, involves speedy remedy and adjudication. By means of a specific agreement/clause entered between the parties either as a part/contract or in the event of a dispute, the ADR measures include negotiation, good offices, arbitration and conciliation mediation, and collaborative law, depending upon its acceptance and enforceability under different legal regimes/jurisdictions.

In India the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996,the successor of Arbitration Act 1940; has been enacted to encompass the mandates of UNCITRAL Model, stipulates the process of Arbitration, Enforcement of Foreign Awards under New York and Geneva Conventions and the process of Conciliation.

A dispute or an event leading to a dispute can be avoided if proper guidance is sought at the right point of time. We at Corpus Droit can act as your shield protecting you through advices and consultation. You can avail our services either by empanelment or retainer arrangements. A case to case advice can also be sought to which we guarantee minimum turn around time.

The predispute services refer to negotiations and consultation before the occurrence of a dispute. And, the postdispute services extends to enforcement and effective implementation of orders/judgments/awards/decisions rendered by judicial and quasi-judicial bodies.